Monday, January 11, 2016

Coming of Age Day - 成人の日

"Coming of Age Day" celebrates all those who have become legal adults, turning 20 during the year running April through March. Young men wear suits or the traditional hakama (kimono tunic with baggy trousers). The women wear brightly flowered kimonos with obi (waist sash), and furred stoles on cold days.

College students return home, workers have a holiday. Their city or town has a ceremony where they try not to sleep through numerous speeches about their rights and responsibilities as newly-fledged adults.

Many who, like my son, went to private secondary and senior high schools, will see elementary school classmates they haven't seen in eight years.

After the ceremony, many will visit their elementary school, opening time capsules or meeting teachers from long ago. Then they will meet groups of friends and go out, maybe singing karaoke, maybe tossing back a few.

A few photos:

My son leaving for the Coming of Age ceremony.

With our neighbor.

The obi sash from behind.

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