Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Very Own Banana Republic

Wow, I don't believe it.  I finally got one!  I finally got one of my very own.  My very own Banana Republic!

I've been watching CNN the last few days and shaking my head in disbelief.  I am immensely disappointed by the games I see coming out of the fruitcakes on Capital Hill.

I know people have strong opinions vis a vis ObamaCare.  My friend, R, a Libertarian who makes Rand Paul seem middle of the road, is concerned about the financial issues of big government and the 'imminent' collapse of the dollar.  Another friend, S, is wholly on board for ObamaCare, her life having been saved when she discovered cancer during a period when her family had to choose between insurance or food on the table.  Still another friend, E, represents the conservative right, with concerns about family values and religion.  A different R had his own small used-car lot, and had concerns about how he and other small-business owners would pay for their employees' insurance.

I don't want to pay taxes.  I don't want to have to pay the $1500 yearly auto safety check required here in Japan.  But these are the law.  Don't pay your taxes, you will be fined, possibly even imprisoned.  Don't do the safety check, get your car towed.  These are laws on the books, which I cannot simply choose to ignore. 

Yet that is what is happening today.  Here we have a law which has gone through both houses, and then been signed into law by the President.  A small group of Republican lawmakers don't like ObamaCare, and have decided to hold all government programs hostage. 

Today Boehner came out of the White House, saying that Obama won't negotiate on this issue.

I have one question:  Why should he?  This is not a bill under negotiation.  This is not a proposed amendment or any other writ which requires all parties to consider carefully whether or not to proceed.  It's already a law.

That doesn't mean concerned parties can't fight it.  I have no objection to any group using any legal and ethical methods available to them to attempt change. Negotiate to pass amendments to the law, or even attempt to get the backing to repeal the law altogether.  If I agree with you, I will stand with you.  If I don't, I may stand opposite you.  That is the beauty of the American system, the fact that anyone may strive toward a majority acceptance of their view which leads to real change.

But what John Boehner and his relatively small group is doing is a travesty.

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