Sunday, April 14, 2013

The way you speak, confused I am.

One of the things I noticed very soon upon entering Japan, other than my blonde head in a sea of black, was how they measure things differently. Not just that Japan, like every country other than the US (or Great Britain with their pints), uses the metric system (see this post), but that they measure it all backwards!

Signs in English proclaim "SALE! 70 - 30% OFF". My snail-mail address starts with Japan, then the prefecture, city, town and neighborhood, finally ending with the house number.

And the traffic report on the radio this morning said that the traffic jam was eastbound from Akashi West interchange to Takasago North. Sounds like you'll start to hit the traffic around Akashi, with things letting up in Takasago, doesn't it? But, NO-o-o! Akashi is on the east side, and that is where the cause of the slowdown is. I'm already in the stop-and-go in Takasago. Makes sense, actually, but I had a minor brain fart until my mind switched to Japanese mode.

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