Thursday, July 5, 2012

Men's Club

Recently someone asked me if Japan was still a patriarchal society, and I said that things were changing.  Women have more opportunities in the workplace:  they aren't pressured to quit their jobs when they get married, some even keep them after having a child (I said it was getting better, I didn't say it was fair).  Well, the Japan Olympic Committee just put the lie to that..

This is ridiculous.

The Japanese women's soccer team, the current Women's World Cup champion team, will be flying to London by Economy Premier class, at about 500K yen per seat (someone should teach the JOC about discount tickets and early purchase).

Yet the men's team, currently ranked #20 in the world, gets to fly Executive Class at 750K a pop.  Nothing against the men, but...


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  1. Wow. How can they actually justify that!? That is ridiculous.


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