Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dealing with Disappointment

Boy, talk about disappointing.

I love typhoons!  Strange, maybe, but there you have it.  I like the high winds, the powerful rain, the occasional thunder and lightning.

Here in Kansai, the weather is usually really gentle.  I'm talking bo-o-o-ring.  When it rains, the clouds just kind of condense evenly out of the sky, then a mild mist comes down, followed by a gentle rain.  No towering black cumulonimbus clouds, no sheets of rain rolling across the landscape until they slash across your house, no Zeus-is-pissed-at-you lightning storms like in Tom Cruise's "War of the Worlds".  Just a gentle piss out of the slate grey mist (I'm always afraid I'm gonna come out of the store and find myself in Steven King's "The Mist").

Typhoon 4 hit us yesterday, with weather maps showing the eye expected to run over us.  I was bouncing around, excited, looking forward to the extreme winds.  When we got up in the morning, there were already weather warnings (heavy rain, flooding, mudslides) in effect, then my kids' schools were cancelled.  We were afraid the trains would be halted, so I told my oldest not to go to classes at her college.  Then a high-wind warning was issued, so college classes were shut down, too.  I had to cancel all my classes as well.

Yea, yea!  I can't wait!

The storm turned.  It hung a right and headed off to Tokyo instead (everyone always wants to go to Tokyo...).  Talk about disappointing:  no strong winds, the strongest rain was when I got up.  Nothing exciting, just wet.

"Here I sit all broken-hearted.  Paid my dime and only f....."

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