Wednesday, June 6, 2012

AudreyII "Hey, Seymour. Feed me!"

So, I just came in from doing a little gardening.

Sounds relaxing, right?  Phhppt!  My idea of relaxing is an ice cold beer and a plate of nachos, while sitting on the deck watching you garden.  Let's relax together, shall we...

Anyways, in case I haven't mentioned it recently, I'm a mountain boy.  A Colorado mountain boy, which means I come from a really bumpy desert with trees.  My idea of gardening was to sit outside on the deck and listen to the wind pass through the trees.  Damn trees didn't need my help (unless the pine beetle moved in), weeds didn't grow.  Just yucca.  If the pine beetle did move in, and they came in hard one year, my older brother was really good about taking care of the beetle-kill trees (of course, the Hayman fire put paid to that).  Either he was very responsible, or he just liked the loud sounds of a chainsaw and yelling "Timber!"

But here, the weeds are on steroids.  I tried to grow a lawn, but I've given that up as a bad job.  My kids liked to play with seeds when they were younger, and they brought home all kinds of weed seeds and dumped most of them in the yard.  And these f---ers can really grow!  I did one section of my yard 2 weeks ago, then got busy with my school.  Looked out there this morning, and I'll be damned if there weren't some 3-ft tall weeds there again!

And 3-ft seems to be the magic number.  When I trim my trees every fall, they've grown about 3 ft.  Skip a year, and the branches I lop off are taller than I am.

So far this spring, I've filled 16 garbage bags with weeds, and I still haven't done under the trees.  So I've decided to try a Japanese rock garden instead.  Who cares if it gets really hot in summer.  At least the rocks don't grow!

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