Sunday, December 25, 2011

"Spinning Bird Kick!"

Had my mother-in-law over for Christmas Eve dinner last night, and introduced her to the wonderful world of turkey dinner with all the fixin's. Dinner was a success, the turkey was a beautiful caramel brown, the casserole looked good, the taters were fluffy. Until...

We were watching the All-Japan Figure Skating championships while eating, and the announcers were explaining some of the moves during the down time while awaiting individual's scores, and started on a move called the "Flying Sit Spin". Now, I should explain that Japanese doesn't have a 'si:' sound. It has a 'shi:' sound. I heard the announcer say the move's name, looked at the skater revolving in circles in a one-legged squat, and brayed like a jackass. My wife cracked up at the same time (see why I married her?), and we laughed till we cried.

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