Monday, October 31, 2011

The Look

As, I'm sure I've mentioned before... maybe once or twice... in almost every post... gaijin are stared at. I'm sitting in a large hospital now (just getting a checkup, thank you for your concern), and getting my fair share of looks.

Walk down the street, people look out their car windows as they go by. Sit on your front stoop and watch old fellas run into cyclists as they stare unblinkingly until they are 20 feet beyond you. Go to the store, and there will be a kid running down the aisle, yelling, "Mama, fo-o-reigne-e-er!" (although there was that one time when a boy yelled "Fat man!" - - little shit!).

But you get used to it. Nowadays I only notice it when they don't stare. I've become an attention-addicted narcissist. Guess I'll just have to control myself...

Hope you won't see any paparazzi shots of me climbing mini-skirted and no pants into an SUV any time soon.*

*How's that for a gross image - hope you weren't eating when you read that

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