Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh, boy, soggy time begins. Like a toddler who just can't make it to the potty, I'm pretty much wet all the time. And, no, my name isn't Debbie, and I don't need my Depends.

It's rain time in Japan. Although rainy season doesn't actually begin until mid-June, I always consider May rainy season, since it rains a lot more than in June, when it never seems to actually rain....

But this year, we've got a nice twist. We're about to get hit by this year's first typhoon. The early typhoons usually stay much further south, maybe making it as far north as the Phillipines, since the northern Pacific is still too cold to provide any energy. An early typhoon, say #10 or so (they don't use names in Japan, just number them - makes sense to me, how would you like it if your name was Katrina?) would usually come sometime around early/mid July. But this time we've got Typhoon #1 doing the Pacific basin shuffle: it rode over the Philippines, toyed with the idea of heading to Taiwan, then turned and should reach Okinawa this afternoon. Early tomorrow it should make landfall in Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's 4 main islands, and will either hit us or pass just south of us tomorrow afternoon. Then it'll head further east, probably passing just south of Tokyo, but possibly hitting the Tohoku earthquake zone (as if they don't have enough problems), and bringing massive amounts of rain to wash away the radiation.

All of the kids in this area are doing rain dances, of course, because typhoon means no school. And since they can't exactly play outside ("Let's tie Hiroshi to the flag pole and see how high he flies!"), their parents can't kick them out for playing too much video game.

"No Global Warming", my ass!

BTW, if you understood the "Debbie" crack, you should be ashamed of yourself! Go wash your mind out with soap!

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