Monday, April 25, 2011

School holidays

My son came down with a high fever last weekend, so today I dragged him to a doctor for a check. After waiting about an hour, he got the joy of having a really long Q-tip run up his nose, and the resulting goo tested (and you thought the strep check was gross?). Influenza B.

So, he has an automatic 5-day holiday, since children with the flu are required to stay home a minimum of 5 days before being checked again and certified able to attend. And in an interesting twist: if 7 or more students in any 1 class are out with the flu at the same time, that class gets the week off. The whole class, even the healthy ones, can't come to school, and really aren't even supposed to go outside for the week. The teacher doesn't really benefit from it (other than much lower decibel levels), since they have to call the students' houses every day to make sure they're staying home.

It's pretty tough for families with 2 working parents. Lucky my English school is attached to my home, huh?

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