Monday, March 14, 2011

The other side of Japan's Three-Mile Island

Boy, as if the folks up in Tohoku don't have enough to deal with, what with a 9.0 quake and tsunami an' all, now they can look forward to glowing in the dark, as well.

I'm pro-atomic power. I would live down the street from any properly-run, modern reactor. I would even store properly-processed nuclear waste in my basement, if I had one. And I do understand that the chain of events at the Fukushima DaiIchi plant is a direct consequence of the tsunami. I also respect the workers on the ground there, striving to bring a scary, dangerous situation under control at great personal risk, immensely.

It's the Keystone Cops management that pisses me off. When things started going caca, they hemmed and hawed and finally caved in and told part of what was going on. The Japanese press is going apeshit, slinging in all directions, furious that they are only being told part of the story. There was a press conference an hour or so ago where the 4 talking heads at the front table couldn't answer a question - they all looked aimlessly through their notes to see if the answer was written anywhere or the question on their approved list, while absolutely not looking up at the audience. It was like looking at my youngest when he tries to lie to me, and the one place he refuses to look is in my eyes.

Put the damned engineers in charge of the plants, and get the obfuscating, CYOA paper pushers away from the radioactive materials, please. It's the management that made an unofficial training manual a few years back which recommended workers mix uranium slurry in buckets, and which led to Japan's largest leak with the death of 2 workers back in 1999.

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  1. wow! what can be said to that! hope all is still ok with you and fam!


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